The Dummy Maker , is a traditional craft workshop, in which we are engaged in manufacturing of dummies for training of martial arts.
We like and are martial artists, so we know how important it is that a dummy is properly made and the appropriate measures to train any style of kung fu; wing chun , jeet kune doo and other styles of kung fu.

Currently we have nine different models for everyone to find the model that best suits your needs. We work to improve our models and to create new ones that will be adding on the website in order to offer a greater variety to our customers.

Dummys we manufacture the traditional way, one by one. All are equal with the same measures, but with the unique personality that brings the work of a craftsman.

As manufacturers and make us, can be customized to suit our clients to best suit.

The bodies of the dummies do only with wood, glue, time and nothing else.
The arms and legs only wood and glue.
Only use screws in accessories, bases, frames and structures.
With water only with natural dyes.
Only varnished with acrylic varnish.
Do not use solvents.